Jack the adventurer is trying to make his way through the tower, but all these monsters keep getting in his way. Help Jack and he's sure you'll become an adventurer too!

Note that Jack does not appear when you first pass through the level. You must return later to get the quests.

  1. 10th Floor, Return to Jack (by the dwarf stairs) on the 10th Floor's Way to the Quarry 2 after retrieving 10 Adventurer's Diaries from Iron Chins.
  2. 13th Floor, Return to Jack in 13th Floor's Tower Reactor1 with a Secret Privacy of the Sage from the 13th Floor's Tower Reactor Secret Privat Thoughts of the Philosopher which is located in Reactor 3.
  3. 17th Floor, kill 30 ice golems. Reward: 5500 XP, 2500 gold, Explorer's Earrings (L48 Earrings, Extra Exp(%) +50, Extra Gold(%) +50, 0-3 various stat.)

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