Char allen

Allen is a light swordsman, rogue, or dual wielding warrior, depending on the character build that you choose.


Allen's abilities are geared for dual-wielding or single-wielding one-handed weapons. His fighting style relies heavily on combos.

Active AbilitiesEdit

Wind Cutter
An attack that goes forward a fair distance to strike any enemy three times in whatever direction you're facing.
Cross Wind Cutter
An attack that goes a short distance to strike an enemy twice for up to 300% of attack damage in whatever direction you're facing.
Shooting Weapon
An attack that curves around in whatever direction you're facing. (It can strike more than once, though it might have a set limit, depending on how close you are to your target, it may hit once, or 4 times or more. It might hit over 8 times, depending on how you angle it.)
Nova Thorns
Move forward while attacking an enemy, striking up to five times.
Dagger Chaser
Throw daggers in every direction.
Hell Slash
Attack surrounding enemies up to five times.
Force Shouting
For a period of time, attack damages increases.
For a period of time, critical rate increases.

Passive AbilitiesEdit

Dagger Mastery
Attack damage and critical rate of daggers increase.
Blade Mastery
Attack damage and critical damage of Blades increase.
Mace Mastery
Attack damage and stun rate of Maces increase.
Axe Mastery
Attack damage and minimum damage of Axes increase.
Critical rate increases.
Finish Blow
Critical Damage increases.
Dual Weapon Mastery - One
Dual weapon with one-handed weapons becomes enabled. It recovers Defense penalty.
Accuracy of Dual Weapon increases.
Shield Mastery
Defense increases with shield.
Recovery rate of HP increases.
Power Potion
Potions become more effective.
Recovery rate of MP increases.

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