The Way to the Tower primarily contains the six Blade Dungeons. The first is unlocked by the A New Force quest. Subsequent dungeons are unlocked by completing the previous dungeon. The exception to this is the Aurum Blade Dungeon, which is unlocked by the Final Weapon quest.

As of update 1.0.3 the two jump gates in this area are also active. The left one leads to the Dungeon of the Boar King, which uses a Power Dungeon ticket but which drops only Set items from the Boar King. The right one leads to the Room of Trial, which contains the Defense Dungeons. These provide no XP or gold, but only ranking on the leaderboards.

There are paths to Place of Beginning and Shining Dawn Village. There are jump gates to Stone Blade Dungeon, Iron Blade Dungeon, Ice Blade Dungeon, Fire Blade Dungeon, Silver Blade Dungeon, and Aurum Blade Dungeon.

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